Doddie Weir

We chatted to Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir about Doddie Aid, his foundation's latest fundraising challenge in aid of MND research, and why he still loves Edinburgh.

Hi Doddie, thank you for joining us! Even though you don’t live in Edinburgh any more, you have spent a lot of time in the city. What do you miss about it?

I love living in the Borders, but I do get excited every time I go back to our capital city. It's so different from the rural area I live in, with the fantastic selection of pubs, restaurants, hotels and activities and culture.

You, along with your foundation, My Name’5 Doddie, have raised over £7million for MND research. How can people get involved with Doddie Aid and raise even more for the foundation? (We’re obviously backing the Edinburgh team…)

South Team is the team to support! I am told it has the best manager! Please go to the website to sign up. There's still time. All support is good support.

What’s the most inventive fundraising idea for Doddie Aid you’ve seen so far?

All fundraising ideas are good ideas. We've had a huge variety of ideas from selling toast at break time in a school, to selling sheep and cattle at the market, to cycling from Twickenham to Murrayfield in two days, along with rowing the Atlantic (3,000 miles!). Who knows what the next great idea will be! We are open to offers!

Edinburgh during a Six Nations home game is a pretty special place. What impact do you think rugby has on the city?

Massive. There's nothing greater than celebrating a win in Edinburgh – and so many great places to do it!

And finally, for you, what keeps Edinburgh thriving?

Definitely, it's the people. It's such a diverse, exciting city with such a beautiful backdrop, steeped in history. What more could you want?

Quick Fire Round

Best place to eat in Edinburgh? There are so many, but I don't get out much at the moment! But I love Gaucho's and The Witchery for special occasions.

Best place to drink in Edinburgh? What a great choice there is! I love the Grassmarket area, especially the Cold Town House - they have a great lager there, called Doddie's Beir – and the Beehive. Waiting for the train, Brewhemia is a favourite. In my youth I was often found in the Golf Tavern.

Best view of the city? The view of Murrayfield from the tram stop.

Best hidden gem in the city? It's not that hidden, but the train to the Borders has been amazing – great for my calorie intake!

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