Our story

Keep Edinburgh Thriving launched in February 2021 as a nonpartisan, digital news platform dedicated to high-quality reporting that serves the people of Edinburgh.

Good information enables people to make good decisions... and good decisions lead to a better life. Independent local reporting is the critical link between local government, the private sector and the people of Edinburgh.

Independent local reporting

Without good reporting, accountability weakens, citizens disconnect and democracy fails. This is more important than ever for Edinburgh as it faces the daunting challenges of the coronavirus crisis/recovery and the imminent changes of a post-Brexit world.

Keep Edinburgh Thriving's team:

  • Reports across a wide range of topics including education, economy, transportation, healthcare, housing, justice, elections, environment and climate, public safety, and work.
  • Utilises data to support and drive rigorous honest journalism.
  • Produces a morning newsletter that has become a daily must-read for more than 6,000 Edinburgh locals.

Keep Edinburgh Thriving measures success through both audience and engagement metrics — and the specific, tangible impact of its reporting. Rapid growth of impact and audience has allowed Keep Edinburgh Thriving to emerge as a go-to source of news and critical information for locals.

Our mission

Break through the daily noise. The problem isn’t just fake news or junk news, because there is good news too – it’s just that there’s so much of it. We are overwhelmed with information. And too much of it is rushed, partial and confusing. Too many newsrooms chasing the news but missing the story.

Our purpose

It's time to slow down & wise up. Keep Edinburgh Thriving is here to build local journalism that lasts. A business model that’s responsible and sustainable. The new news; delivered the way it should be.

Our work

We take the time to see the fuller picture, to make sense of the forces shaping our future, to investigate the unseen. We’re not here to recreate outdated newsroom structures. We are here to mix things up.

Our ethics

We’re a nonpartisan outlet dedicated to truth, accuracy and fairness. We don’t play favourites for financial or any other reasons – we have no agenda, hidden or otherwise. We know our credibility, and our impact, depends on practising what we preach.

Our values



We are committed to being honest. We’ll show you our workings in each of our articles.



We don’t just report on stories. We care what happens next.



We value diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, experience, class, size and more – and find ways to drive this through every element of the organisation.



We value unity and togetherness. We believe in connecting with others and creating a safe, secure space.

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