10 Best Cafes in Edinburgh from Leith to Morningside!

The Best Cafes in Edinburgh in 2021

Where to Relax and Unwind in the Capitals Best Cafes

As the world starts to regain some sense of normality, the opportunity to spend quality time with our favourite people will come back into our lives, with many of us asking the question - where would be a great place to catch up?

We know it's not always easy to pick a place for some exceptional brunch or even a quick latte, which is why we’ve gathered together some of Edinburgh's best spots, taking the pressure off that first awaited catch up and allowing you to have a seriously great time with the people you love.

Best Cafes in Edinburgh

  • The Pantry
  • Blue Bear Cafe
  • Lovecrumbs
  • Machina Espresso
  • Salt Cafe and Bar
  • Patisserie Florentin
  • Southpour
  • Ostara
  • Edinburgh Larder Cafe
  • Fortuna Coffee Bar
  • Rose Theatre Cafe

The Pantry

The smiles all round cafe

It's not unusual to see a crowd assembled outside The Pantry on weekends, queuing up for some homemade belgian waffles or exceptional avocado toast. Tapping into the brunch craze, this Stockbridge cafe has become a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, serving up an array of breakfast options that we can only dream of.

Launching the business in 2012, this local sensation was crafted up by Charlotte and Chris Thompson, a husband and wife duo with a passion for unforgettable food and incredible coffee.

In addition, they’ve also opened up another cafe by the same name right in the centre of Edinburgh, making it a perfect place to start your day if you are a visitor in our beautiful city.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Sun : 9am - 5pm

1 North West Circus Place,

Edinburgh, EH3 6ST

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street

Edinburgh, EH1 1LT

Blue Bear Cafe

The “we don't joke about brunch” people

If there's a cafe to go to for all brunch options possible - its Blue Bear Cafe. With an extensive range of breakfast options to suit every taste, including five types of eggs benedict (Eggs Hector sounds like our kind of dish), this family orientated brunch hub is a place to try.

Offering up the classic options, as well as indulgent delights that will leave you fuelled up for the entire day, they also offer vegan options and a kids menu, creating an environment for the whole family to enjoy, including our furry family members too!

If you prefer a more boozy cafe outing with friends however, Blue Bear goes a long way to whip up some outstanding alcoholic beverages to spice up a Sunday, including a mocha martini, chambord white hot chocolate and a personal favourite : a baileys hot chocolate.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri : 8am - 3pm (Tues Closed)

Sat: Sun : 9am - 3pm

9 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 5EA


The sweet tooth

With its mismatched furniture and quirky style, Lovecrumbs has become a sugar filled haven that no doubt satisfies the many students that occupy the city. Creating sweet treats such as rose and raspberry cake, along with freshly baked cinnabuns and delectable brownies, this hidden gem is housed in the historic West Port region, close to the grassmarket and Edinburgh castle.

Occasionally hosting a poetry, cake and wine night, this enticing cafe is a perfect place for gatherings to occur. If you're looking for a cosy space to celebrate your birthday with some seriously good cake, Lovecrumbs may be the place for you.

They also have an option to purchase a whole cake, which means you can share several pieces of heaven with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Online ordering is also available!

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri : 9am - 6pm

Sat: 9.30 - 6pm

Sun : 12pm - 6pm

155 West Port,

Edinburgh, EH3 9DP

Machina Espresso

The one for the coffee lovers

With its delightful selection of sweet treats, exceptional coffee and delectable sandwiches, Machina Espresso is definitely the place to go if you love coffee and love good food on the go. Located in Tollcross, this superb cafe keeps the locals awake and thriving, all while keeping the interior minimal and simplistic. A true art if you ask us.

Stop in for some of Edinburgh's best coffee, or take it to go whilst you walk the streets (might be a good idea to grab a brownie too, they look really good).

Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri: 8am - 5.30pm

Sat: Sun: 9.30am - 5.30pm

2 Brougham Place, W Tollcross,

Edinburgh, EH3 9HW

Salt Cafe and Bar

The Morningside Wonder

Residing in the beloved area of Morningside, Salt Cafe and Bar provides the locals with a seven day brunch menu, allowing all those late morning risers to enjoy some seriously yummy options all week long.

Within the comfort of its exposed white brick walls and rustic outlay, customers can enjoy Instagram worthy dishes whilst reading the newspaper, allowing all walks of life to feel more than comfortable in this snug hotspot.

Not only does the enchanting cafe serve original options such as a full Scottish breakfast, they also whip up eclectic options inspired by the Middle East, such as their famous spicy shakshuka.

A wonderful option to try if exploring this humble area of town.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Tue: Wed: 9am - 5pm

Thurs: Sat: 9am -11pm

Sun : 9am - 5pm

54-56 Morningside Rd,

Edinburgh EH10 4BZ

Patisserie Florentin

The Parisian Charmer

If you're on the look out for a cafe that allows you to experience a sense of getaway, this charming French cafe settled into the cobbled streets of Stockbridge will do wonders. Established almost 25 years ago, this local bistro allows you to enjoy exquisite pastries and waffles, all while you take in the beauty of Edinburgh through the large captivating windows.

Vibrantly painted yellow and blue, this loveable spot exhibits a number of local painters artworks, illustrating its desire to be close to the community. It also possesses a delightful back room, suitable for regular meetings such as books clubs and knitting groups.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Sun: 8am - 6pm

5 North West Circus Place,

Edinburgh, EH3 6ST


The Cool Guy

Established in vivid blue on the corner of East Preston Street and Newington Road, Southpour is another cafe that has taken a hold of the exposed brick look, creating an atmosphere that we can only describe as coolness: relaxed and casual yet impressive and tasteful.

Providing exquisite brunch options, as well as lunch and dinner (in case brunch happens to roll on all day, no judgements here), this remarkable joint nestled in Newington creates dishes that are perfect for any easy lunch with friends, or a meeting with a client.

They also happen to have a local loyalty program, including benefits such as 20% off food Monday through to Thursday, a free glass of prosecco with afternoon tea, free meals for children and free function area availability. Just head on in and ask for a locals card.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Sun: 8am -11pm

1 - 5 Newington Road,

Edinburgh, EH9 1QR


The Leith Addition

If you happen to find yourself in the popular Shore district of Leith, you may be in the mood for an award winning, Scottish inspired lunch in a cosy neighbourhood cafe. Voted one of the country's best cafes by Skinny Magazine, this family friendly joint is just a ten minute stroll from the Royal Yacht Britannia, making it perfect for a bite to eat after some exploring.

Gaining first place on Trip Advisors tally of Edinburgh's best cafes, Ostara is praised for its exquisite food and relaxing ambiance, a cherished local favourite that would be a shame not to try.

Very innovative with both dishes and drinks, a personal favourite of mine is the “Boozy Brunch” Menu, consisting of various spiced up hot chocolates. A reason why I'll be first in line once they reopen.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Sun: 9am - 3pm

52 Coburg Street, Leith,

Edinburgh, EH6 6HJ

Edinburgh Larder Cafe

The tucked away gem

Tucked away just off the Royal Mile, the Edinburgh Larder Cafe conjures up organic and seasonal recipes that use local and ethical ingredients, creating mouth watering dishes that make a homemade bacon roll look very dull.

Established over ten years ago, this hidden gem has won several awards and been featured in many guidebooks, leading both locals and tourists into its warm and cosy atmosphere.

Crowd favourites include the homemade waffles spiced with cinnamon and drenched in syrup. Sign us up.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri: 8am - 3pm

Sat: Sun: 8.30am - 4pm

15 Blackfriars Street,

Edinburgh, EH1 1NB

Fortuna Coffee Bar

The Crowd Pleaser

Beautifully decorated with overhanging fuchsia tinted flowers, Fortuna Coffee Bar is conveniently located on Queen Street, surrounded by an abundance of history and culture.

Family owned with a comfortable and cosy interior, this cafe is a perfect place to take any visitors too, providing decadent pastries and excellent coffee that will prepare them for many more hours of sightseeing.

In addition, Fortuna opens up into a wine bar after lunch, which is a big win if you aren't ready for your brunch to end just yet.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri: 8am - 4pm

Sat: Sun: 9am - 4pm

77 Queen Street,

Edinburgh, EH2 4NF

Rose Theatre Cafe

A place to appreciate the Arts (and a really great latte)

For a unique experience in the heart of the city, the Rose Theatre Cafe offers a delightful array of breakfast and lunch options, including a stunning range of speciality lattes such as the butterfly pea latte, as well as the rose latte with accompanied rose petals.

In legacy of the famous Danish ballet dancer, Peter Schaufuss, this cafe offers up more of an experience rather than a simple grab and go, providing a peaceful sanctuary on those rainy and windy days.

Serving up a few of the favourites such as eggs benedict and smashed avocado toast, this charming spot can also whip up a heavenly hot chocolate. Salted Caramel popcorn is definitely our favourite and worth a try.

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Location and Opening Times

Mon: Fri: 8am - 4pm

Sat: Sun: 8am - 4pm

204 Rose Street,

Edinburgh, EH2 4AZ

Best cafes in Edinburgh roundup

And there we have it, some of the best cafes that Edinburgh has to offer. Whether it be to catch up with a friend over a slice of rhubarb pie, meet a client for a cup of coffee, show some visitors around town or do some work in a cosy environment, we hope this list has offered some suggestions up.

Let us know if you visit any of these amazing local businesses soon and if we have missed your favourite cafe then let us know in the comments.

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