Best Boiler Companies in Edinburgh

Getting a new boiler installed can be a stressful time. With so many boiler types to choose from it can quickly become an overwhelming experience.

Then you also need to find a local gas safe engineer to do the installation.

To help make this a little easier we have put together the top 3 boiler companies in Edinburgh based on their Google reviews.

Top Boiler Installation Companies in Edinburgh 2023

As of May 2023, the best boiler companies in Edinburgh are:

  1. Gasworks Edinburgh
  2. The Edinburgh Boiler Company
  3. Smart Gas Solutions

Now it is time to take a look at each heating company in more depth and give you an overview of their services and best reviews.

GasWorks Edinburgh

With over 500 5 star reviews on Google; Gasworks are our top rated Boiler installation company in Edinburgh.

So what makes Gasworks the best boiler installation and repair company in Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh Boiler Company

Coming in at number 2 on the best rated boiler companies in Edinburgh is The Edinburgh Boiler Company.

Well known for their TV ads on STV, The Edinburgh boiler company have helped 1000s of people in Edinburgh with new boiler installation.

  • 7+ Years in business
  • 473 five star reviews on Google at the time of writing this post
  • Finance options available for new boiler installation

Smart Gas Solutions

Rounding off the top 3 best boiler companies in Edinburgh is Smart Gas Solutions. The youngest company on the list but they have quickly built an excellent reputation in Scotland's capital.

  • 5+ Years in business
  • 147 five star reviews on Google at the time of writing this post
  • Gas safe registered engineers

When it's time to upgrade your boiler it is always a good idea to get in touch with 2-3 new boiler installation companies.

Make sure that the boiler installers you choose are gas safe registered.

This guide to the best boiler companies in Edinburgh will be updated every month so you are reading the most up to date information.

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